by Lord 13

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Three video clips promote the 2013
Get You High (www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmQGHNkioH4)
Keep On Riding (www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Uw5lZOdrvk)
Walking In Sin (www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3BGwGg-BEI)
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released March 13, 2011

Lord 13:
John : Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Jim : Vocals
Dee : Bass Guitar
Costas : Drums

Johnny F. : Woodwind on Not Over
Orestis Kaberidis : Percussions
S_fx : Noise guitar on Not Over
Ben Ward : Guest vocals on Wicked Thing
Recorded and mixed by Toby Oliver at Pulse Studios, London, England

Produced by Nickolas Angelopoulos and Lord 13
Recorded by Nickolas Angelopoulos and Ilias Flammos at Silicon Factory and Big Badda's Studio
Mixed by Nickolas Angelopoulos and Lord 13 at Big Badda's Studio
Mastered by S_fx at Home Sweet Home Studio

All lyrics and music by Lord 13
All rights reserved Lord13 and Faster Louder Productions 2011
Ben Ward appears courtesy of Candlelight Records

Artwork : Jason L.



all rights reserved


Lord 13 Αθήνα, Greece

Lord 13 were formed in 1999 by Dee (bass), Costas (drums), Jim (vocals, guitars) and John (guitars). Shortly after their first few lives they made a name for themselves as a high energy, live, heavy rock band.

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Track Name: Fire
When you came and you changed all the things I don't want to be changed girl
It's not me
It's just you
When I think you are getting ahead girl
When you found this black box with disposable faces and behaviors
There's a road I would like to go on but I'm getting too wasted

You can run if you want
You can fly if you know
You won't stay away from the fire
Track Name: Love And Hate
When time is all you need to make it and you're riding around like there is no tomorrow
I'll be there just to give you a hand
Just before you collapse in your sea of sorrow

And the love
And the hate
And the smiles
That you gave when you found out your ways
All the dreams that you make and the things that you say when you find out yourself

Well fire
All you need to be fired
As you aim for the pain and the hatred inside
No fear for the things to be done
I begin to believe that we're getting so high
Track Name: Get You High
I know how
You really stole my mind
Behind my thoughts you smile
I gave you all I had to give
Is this enough girl
You really make my night

I wanna get you high
One more time

You know how
I really stole your heart
Behind your thoughts you smile
You gave me all I had to give
Is this enough girl
You really blow my mind
Track Name: Off The Edge
There is a man that lives there
Above this old house you know
He keeps stalking my dreams man
And knocking on my door
He says he wants to fix me
From everything that went wrong

But when he keeps on fooling
He drives me out my head
And when I'm done forgiving
He pushed me off the edge
Track Name: Free
There are ways for you to escape
I'll be carrying inside the little secrets you kept
You can find words to explain
But inside feels like it rains
There's time
But you're running away

And this is all that you wanted from me
A little piece of you is history
I'm just the kind of man I was hoping to be
I know you wanna stay but I'm setting you free

There is a path that comes and goes
Inside your dirty mind
You better run
You better hide
You better justify
I think you're satisfied
Track Name: The Warning
Since you've messed with me
I have only one thought
Since you fucked with me
I have no self control

Look to the sky for the warning
Hear at the door for the warning
Cause I'll be coming out for you
Track Name: Grind It
I was born
Under a pale gray sky
And my mom
She said
She thought she's gonna die

But I' m trying
Grind it
I just want to make it
See it
Feel it
I've got nothing for you
Since you
Threw me
I've been feeling better
Now I'm leaving
Born on fire

I was born and raised
Between a broken door and nails
And my dad
He said
For sure I'm gonna fail
Track Name: Wicked Thing (Ft. Ben Ward)
I opened my eyes to reclaim my future
And what I saw was a burning star
I gave you the tools so you can carve your freedom
I gave you the truth that I was hoping for
I thing we belong to the sons of tomorrow
I think we gaze into the burning sun

And all the signs that you read
In the eyes that you saw
It's a wicked thing
So follow me now
I'll open the door
I know you can free your mind

Blessed the blood into our veins
As we rise beneath this rusty shape
And we're waiting
There's nothing else to say
And we leave this rotting place away
And we're waking
Track Name: Make It With You
I gave me one more chance
So I can make it with you
There is a story I hear
But I don't believe in fools
So come on say the word
And I'll show you the tool
There is something to dream
It's something to do

But I won't play along
Your dirty game
Why don't you bring
Your beautiful hair
In mountains of green
I deliver my name
Can't you see what's going on inside you

I gave it all away
Just to be here with you
There's not a mountain or sea
I wouldn't cross for you
I give you one more chance
So I can make it with you
There's not a drug or sin
I wouldn't do for you
Track Name: Keep On Riding
I've got something inside my mind
It's gonna make you crazy
You've got to stick it between your legs
It's gonna make you horny
Come on baby won't you give me no shit
I think you got to work it
You gotta ride it along my way
I think you're gonna love it
I know something that makes you bleed
You have to stay united
I think you have to like it
I think you have to work it

Gonna keep on riding
Gonna keep on

How low can you go
Till you find your roots
So shine
I think that you shine
Track Name: Not Over
She's hungry
She's lusting
She can't wait longer
It just goes stronger
Keep on asking
Keep on trying
To get things over
It's not over

She likes to get high
And she's never coming down
She likes to rise
Things have started so fine
Guess we're never coming down
Track Name: Walking In Sin
Without it
You can't live
You can't breath
I'm trying to believe
I'm seeking for relief

Feels like walking in sin
Feels like living without me

To spend my days away
Into a drop of rain
Forgetting all you've left behind
Moving ahead while being blind